Gumboot Care


We’re proud of the fact that our gumboots are handcrafted by real people. This can mean that from time to time a fault may occur. Generally, most faults are clear functional errors that are either immediately apparent or become noticeable within the first few weeks of wear. We do not consider a shoe to be faulty after several months of regular wear – this would be classified as general wear and tear, and children will wear their shoes at different rates. Excessive wear and tear will ultimately lead to damage of your shoes or gumboot's that we can not be held accountable for. 


Rubber has similar features and properties to leather and is a natural product, our boots are made by hand. Rubber boots have different care requirements to plastic gumboots.


  • Rubber boots should be stored carefully in a cool, non heated environment (ie. not in a heated drying room or heated wardrobe) as the rubber will deteriorate and become sticky or even buckle. This may also occur if boots are dried near a source of artificial heat such as an electric fan.
  • Some areas of the rubber will become dry and brittle (leading to cracking) if the Gumboots are regularly exposed to, or left out, in direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave your rubber gumboots outside for a prolonged period of time.


  • After wearing boots rinse using a mild detergent.
  • Use of solvents or soaking in heavy detergents can penetrate the matte silicon coating of rubber and can potentially lead to it pealing and flaking off and may compromise the glue that holds the boots together, especially in lighter coloured boots.
  • We recommend that you treat your rubber boots regularly with a silicon rubber conditioner.
  • NOTE: Removing your boots by using your alternate foot to push the other boot off, may result in heel splitting or the cotton lining coming away on the inside.


  • We will refund or replace gumboots where defective workmanship is causing leakage in waterproof products.
  • If you received your boots in new condition then as per most shoe retailers we are not able to refund boots once worn.


  • Fit related problems.
  • Incidental damage, such as holes, rips and sustained seam wear, which are not as a consequence of manufacturing.
  • Normal wear and tear for GUMBOOTS… It is in the very nature of Gumboots that they will end up ‘WORN OUT’. We cannot guarantee that your boots will ‘last a whole season’ or ‘last more than one season’. They are often used in muddy puddles, on farms, on rough soft fall in playgrounds and we have even seen heels and the top of boots used as a brake when scooting - all of which inevitably result in scratches and holes.
  • As per the care instructions above removing the boots by using the alternate foot to push the other boot off, may result in heel splitting or the cotton lining coming away on the inside.
  • Lack of maintenance.