The Beginning


So, I am not to sure where to begin or who I really think I am starting this journey. But here I am. Mother of three boys. Wife to an incredible man. Coming from a very large family of creatives, being around colour and hardworking people my whole life. 

To me, we only have one shot. We only have one shot to make mistakes, to learn and hopefully grow from them. I believe you have to try at least a handful of times at failing. At falling over so you learn to get back up again. And believe me I have had my fair share of falling over. I didn't necessarily learn from them straight away. But eventually you learn to love yourself enough to be the best version of yourself. 

I have had a very colourful life, a life that I am proud of. A life full of silly decisions, silly moments and of course unforgettable experiences. All those days of growing up and living each day as it comes has brought me to this very second of my life. I am far from being perfect, but I am me. I am far from knowing it all, nor do I wish to know it all. I don't pretend to be anyone else but me. 

It was always my mother and I when I was growing up. Watching a woman I admired struggle at times financially. She was my rock and so was my family. They all had a role in my life. And even though we struggled week to week my life was grand. My life was full of adventure. And i'll remember those moments for the rest of my life.

So then comes Boho&Mooi, I started this journey in the hope of one day being able to use my mother's artwork on some of my boho pieces. To finally allow her to make a living from the one thing that makes her heart sing. So here we are. I took the leap the leap of the unknown. Some would say I was crazy and it would never work. But my head was full of crazy ideas. Full of colourful moments. My inner boss lady was pumping through my bones. 


Boho&Mooi was born. I will keep sharing weekly about my journey into the unknown. Share all the highs and lows of creating a business...


Share why Jelly Sandals where a big part of my process. And how I came to designing women's and children's gumboots..


Nikky, Owner of Boho&Mooi...