NEW 4.0 Jelly Sandals | NO MORE HARD PVC SECRET RECIPE | 7 Months - 5 Years

NEW 4.0 Jelly Sandals | NO MORE HARD PVC SECRET RECIPE | 7 Months - 5 Years

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Jelly Welly Sandals for Toddlers and Kids

Our jelly wellies are the perfect summer footwear for your little ones! They are ideal for those days when you want to them run around in messy play, but you don't want them to get their feet wet or hurt. The material is also great for keeping little feet cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Plus, they are easy to clean and store away when not in use....

Whilst other kids’ jelly sandals on the market are made of PVC or rubber, the Jelly Welly range is made from eco-friendly materials that are soft on skin and safe for the environment, making them perfect for little feet.

The softest pair of Jelly Sandals they’ll ever wear

If you're looking for the softest, most comfortable jelly sandals for kids, you've found them! Our collection is made of the highest quality materials, and they're so soft and squishy, you'll feel like you're walking on clouds.

Plus, they're super cute and come in a variety of colours and styles. Whether you're dressing up for a party or just want to add a little bit of practicality and style, these cute-to-boot sandals are sure to do the trick! We also have an adorable range of wellies and gumboots to choose from.

How to Keep Your Jellies Clean

Check out our handy guide for keeping those little jellies clean all year round:

  1. Begin by wiping them down with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt
  2. Use a soft bristled brush to scrub away any stubborn stains
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean, cool water
  4. Let them completely air dry

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and nasty PVC

While it’s been touted for its durability and weather-resistance, PVC can have harmful effects on health and our precious environment.

Made from vinyl chloride, a carcinogenic chemical linked to harmful nasties, PVC production releases dioxin – a highly toxic substance – into the environment. When PVC is washed (and let’s face it, we want to be washing our kids’ shoes), microplastics are released into the water and can be ingested by marine life, ending up in our food supply. PVC is also not biodegradable, so it will continue to pollute the environment for centuries to come.

Jelly Welly have decided it’s time to ditch PVC and choose jelly welly sandals in Australia made from sustainable materials that are better for your health, the planet, and our little ones.

Buy soft and flexible jelly welly sandals in Australia

Jelly Welly is an online store based in Australia sells Jelly Sandals for toddlers and new walkers. Our store offers a wide range of different colours and styles to choose from, with fast shipping on all orders.

Shop our range now. Need further tips and advice? Reach out to us by email We’re always happy to assist you.

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