Children Wellie Gumboots

Children Wellie Gumboots

Gummy Welly Gumboots in Australia

There's nothing quite like a pair of kids’ gumboots to keep little feet dry and warm all year round. Whether they're splashing in puddles or running through the mud, kids love gumboots!...

From exploring in the backyard to countryside weekends away, our gumboots for kids will become essentials for any little adventurer. Resistant, durable and practical, your little ones will never want to take them off. They’re sure to brighten up any rainy day while keeping little feet toasty and protected from the elements.

We have these available in a variety of colours and styles to choose from. Take a look through our adorable selection online now!

Rainy Days in Our Gummy Welly Gumboots

When the rain comes tumbling down, make sure your little ones are prepared. Not only will they stay dry and comfortable, but they’ll also have a blast splashing around.

Our gummy wellies are designed to accompany little ones on all their adventures, while keeping our signature Boho&Mooi style. It can be tough to decide which pair is right for your little one, but here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for gumboots for kids:

  • Size: Make sure to measure your child’s feet before purchasing. Toddler rainboots tend to run a little smaller so we suggest you purchasing either one or two sizes larger. So this then gives your little ones more of a chance to rock these all year round.
  • Style: Our gummies come in a variety of fun and trendy styles. Let your child pick out a pair that they’ll love wearing, based on their personal style or favourite colour. Check out these cute booties in our exclusive Plum colour, a hit amongst our customers.
  • Material: Although most toddler rainboots are made from PVC, ours are not! Enjoy our soft and squishy footwear that’s designed to be more comfortable and durable. For general care purchase some silicon oil or rub and after a wear outdoors give them a gentle wash and rub them down with the oil mentioned above.

With these tips in mind, we’re sure you’ll find a style your child will love! We also have women’s wellies, so you can be matching!

The Cutest Toddler Rainboots in Australia

Jelly Welly has been designing a beautiful range of kid’s clothing ever since our beginning. From our family to yours, we’re dedicated to creating kids’ shoes that are built to last!

Our range of gumboots is perfect for every season, as they’re designed to be comfortable and keep little feet dry. They’re also super easy to clean – simply wipe them down after use. Made from durable, safe and eco-friendly materials that make them last longer, our collection is available in a range of styles and sizes to suit every little person. There’ll be no more slips, as they’re great for walking in wet or muddy conditions and provide good traction.

Get your kids kitted out today and let them enjoy all the fun that comes with being outdoors, no matter the weather! Shop the range today. For more information, contact us at

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